Saturday, October 2, 2010

Creepy Stuff

Lately I have been working on some creepy items.  One is a Halloween shrine and the other is a mini journal.  The shrine is a small cardboard box that I painted black and I added a Grungeboard skull to the top, put a spooky hallway paper print in the back and an image of a crow and a zombie girl standing up for a dimensional effect.  Then I added some batting to act as fog, put an adhesive border around the front to act as a gate and put some fabric flowers in the corner.  The picture is not that good since the camera does not have a macro setting for close-ups.

The next thing is a Creepy Mini Journal I made with some random images.  This will be a project to slowly fill up with different creepy things.

Last, I started making a Junque Journal.  Inspired by this video on Youtube, I thought this was a neat idea.  I started one for my sister as well with some blank pages and a variety of images and elements for her to use.  My journal will take a while to fill, the one in the video has been worked on for the past 2 years!!

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