Sunday, September 26, 2010

Sunday Creativity

So I found a great website/internet store for hand embroidery patterns.  It is called Sublime Stitching and the patterns rock!  No fuzzy bunnies or ducks!  I made a dishtowel for my mom using the "Tattoo Your Towles" pattern along with the tattoo alphabet.  I am giving the towel to her today and I hope she likes it!
On another note, I think I will try making an art journal.  More of a Junque Jorunal, and a tutorial can be found here.  Maybe I will make a Halloween one with creepy images and random poetry that looks like a spell. 
The Lions play the Vikings today and I am torn between rooting for my home team (Lions) and rooting for the Vikings, who are Bob's home team.
Happy relaxing Sunday everyone!!

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