Sunday, October 3, 2010

Crafty Sunday

This weekend I made two altered art items.  The first is a shrine which is double-sided.  I cut out house shapes from cardstock.  Each house is 3" wide and 4.5" tall at the peak.  Below is side one and side two, then a picture of the shrine standing up.  I used ribbon to tie the sides together, leaving just enough slack so it would stand up.
Main side of shrine

Backside of shrine

 The other item I made was an altered pumpkin.  I purchased a Styrofoam pumpkin that was a hideous orange color.  Using some gloss gel and newspaper, I covered the pumpkin.  At first, the paper would not lay flat on the curved surface of the pumpkin, but coating the paper with the gloss gel softened the paper so I could smooth it out.  The paper came from Bob's mom, it is from 1959 so that may be why it was a little stiff before coating it with the gel.  After the pumpkin was covered, I used some of the gel and brown acrylic paint to make a transparent glaze and painted the pumpkin, then repeated with some orange paint.

Dinner today is Jamie Oliver's steak and Guinness pie...yummy!  I have made it before, and this time I will only put the puff pastry on the top.  Putting it on the bottom is just too much.  Since it is rainy and cold today, this will be the perfect meal.

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